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Nestled between two National Parks, THE OMEGA JUNGLE LODGE is the perfect retreat for the
would-be naturalist, hiker and intrepid explorer.

There are plenty of walking tracks just by the lodge to use at your pleasure and the rainforest is
awe-inspiring and contains a huge variety of unique vegetation, insects and animals.
It is really a Birdwatchers Paradise here, with numerous tropical and unique birds such as Toucans and
Yellow Tails to watch whilst relaxing in the outstanding rainforest.

The exciting journey beginning at the base of the valley, 'La Culebra' or 'The Snake', is a 10km drive on
dirt road which twists and turns parallel to the river, with a view of the impressive 80-meter waterfall, 'El Bejuco'.

For those who wish to see at first hand the amazing power of Mother Nature,
join our one or two day hike to the waterfall.

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