Tropical Adventure Class III-IV rapids (half day)

An exceptional whitewater rafting experience between giant boulders, all in warm water – no wetsuits! 
A mind-blowing riverbed with great views of the jungle, right in Pico Bonito National Park, near La Ceiba.

The Omega Jungle Lodge is situated by the rafting put–in. In the welcome shade of the Lodge we begin 
our pre-rafting preparations. Following a short climb down into the giant riverbed of the Rio Cangrejal (river of crabs) where we make first contact with the liquid element. By floating through a friendly rapid we warm up for the following: excellent class III-IV rapids, some steep drops, some long wave-trains. 

During the trip we stop several times: jump off a cliff, straight into the current, friendly rapids to float through and a 100m rock gorge we can swim through. All big fun in crystal clear, warm water between giant, smooth house-sized rocks! If it rains and the river is full (it may rise 10m in one night!) – we would paddle another part of the river – but we will certainly take you on a great, fun day of rafting whatever the weather!

If the river is low we only raft the "gorge section" where the most exciting rapids of the river are, beforehand  we add the white water swimming: playing with and in the river, jumping off rocks, doing a slide, climbing and floating friendly rapids. A fun day out, for sure as exciting as the regular rafting trip! 

At the half way point there is a great opportunity to not only raft through Pico Bonito National Park but to step right into it. We leave our raft on the side of the river just where a fresh jungle creek flows into the Cangrejal. Following that same attractive creek, we hike up (approx 30 min.) to take a shower under a 10m waterfall, dropping into a crystal clear deep pool.

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rafting class 3 and 4 cangrejal river

Please bring: shorts, T-shirt, river shoes, adjustable sandals or tennis shoes, sunscreen

Time: about 4h, 3h on the water

Price: $60/person (minimum 2 people)

Included: Lunch and 19% tax

Optional: Jungle hike to the waterfall, 1 extra hour, additional $12

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