omega tours eco jungle lodge aerial view

We provide lodging in either our guesthouse or cabins, which are nestled among a plethora of beautiful tropical plants.

The restaurant and bar in a jungle-like Champa provide tasty meals and drinks.

Enjoy our cool freshwater pool after a hot and exhausting day traveling or on return from a jungle hike, horse trek or raft trip.

We can be a helping hand for travelers in Honduras when requiring transportation, flights, further bookings, information about Bay Island holidays, the Cop√°n area, La Moskitia and any other information you may need about Honduras.

Our shuttle service

La Ceiba Town 1 - 4 persons $17
La Ceiba Ferry Port 1 - 4 persons $21
La Ceiba Airport 1 - 4 persons $30

(Prices per car, not per person!)

Please note: before 6am and after 6pm the taxis charge $5 more per car!