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What we offer

Our Services

Experience paradise in the Honduran rainforest

We provide lodging in our beautiful accommodations, which are nestled among a plethora of beautiful tropical plants.

The restaurant and bar in a jungle-like champa provide tasty meals and drinks.

Enjoy our cool freshwater pool after a hot and exhausting day traveling or on return from a jungle hike, horse trek or raft trip.

Experience one of our outstanding adventure tours. There is something for everyone!

Also we can be a helping hand for travelers in Honduras when requiring transportation, flights, further bookings, information about Bay Island holidays, the Copán area, La Moskitia and any other information you may need about Honduras.

Our shuttle service

La Ceiba Town                

1 - 4 persons   $17

La Ceiba Ferry Port        

1 - 4 persons   $21

La Ceiba Airport              

1 - 4 persons   $30

(Prices per car)

Please note

Before 6am and after 6pm the taxis charge USD 5 more per car!

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