Tranquil kayaking or dugout canoeing through the Cacao Lagoon (full day)

Tranquil kayaking or dugout canoeing through the Cacao Lagoon. The day is spent enjoying the mangroves, howler monkeys, other wildlife and a wide open beach.

The trip begins at the Omega Jungle Lodge where we take approximately 45 minute drive to Cacao Lagoon. Here we drive through the small fishing village surrounded by an old coco plantation to get to the Lagoon. We unload our equipment, jump into our boats and first weaving through a small Mangrove channel out into the Lagoon. 

Paddling along the lagoons edge we can see and hear a lot of wildlife, a few local people fishing from their dugout canoes. Before long we enter the Monkey Channel, another narrow, overgrown channel full of mangroves. This is where most of the wildlife sightings occur, lots of birds, bats and howler monkeys are often seen.

From here we then paddle to the Caribbean Sea where we get picturesque views of a serene beach and the nearby Cayos Cochinos. It is here where we have an enjoyable swim and beach picnic, probably you want to take your kayak out on a surf in the sea.

On our way back to the lodge there is an option to stop at the San Luis Ranch: This is a private animal refuge station, where you can see most of the animals to be seen in Honduras.


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flat water kayak through the lagoon of cacao

Please bring: Shorts, T-shirt, light shoes, suscreen, sun hat, insect repellent and your camera

Time: 5-7 hours

Price: $95/person (minimum 2 people)

Optional stop at San Luis Ranch: add $5

Included: Snack and 19% tax

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