Petoglyphs on the Rio Platano (4 days)

The famous Las Marias petroglyph trip -in only 4 days we recommend doing the same tour in 5 days, not to be too much in a rush

Day 1: 
8:00 a.m. we leave La Ceiba in a bushhopper plane. Arriving in Palacios we take a pipante (motorized canoe) through Mangrove channels, the Lagoon of Ibans, through another really tiny channel into the Rio Platano. Following the stream upriver we reach Las Marias, a Miskito village, right by the river.

The boattrip is beautiful but really long, enjoy the beautiful scenery and see how people are living out here in the wilderness. In Las Marias we stay in a very simple hospedaje, we will eat real Miskito food, prepared by a local family. There are no restaurants anyway!

Day 2: 
Local guides will paddle us upriver till we reach the petroglyph site. The petroglyphs are supposively 3000 to 5000 years old and considered to be showing the way to the white city. The petroglyphs are a world monument, protected by the UNO. Today we gonna see a lot of wildlife, the night we spend in Las Marias again.

Day 3: 
After breakfast we take our Pipante back to the Lagoon of Ibans to Raista. This little village is on a only a 100 meters wide sandstrip between sweetwater lagoon and the Caribbean.

We take a tour through the butterfly farm and learn more about butterflies. If we are lucky we can even see one hatch. Tonight we sleep in our tents or in the guesthouse of the local family. The same family prepares dinner for us.

Day 4: 
Through lagoon and a labyrinth of mangrove channels we come to Palacios airport in the early morning. The propeller plane brings us back to La Ceiba. Shuttle to your hotel and end of the trip. Or enjoy your free night in our beautiful Jungle Lodge on the Cangrejal river in Pico Bonito National Park.


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petroglyphs on the río plátano for 4 day expedition

What to bring: boots, tennis or river sandals (we do not walk too much), long pants, shorts, light raincoat, torch, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunhat or cap, small towel, personal medication.

Got a drybag, light sleeping bag or water bottle?: bring it! 
Try not to bring too much!

Included: Bilingual and trained guide, local guides, transfers, flights, boatrides, entrance fees, complete food, camping gear, 
hotel or hospedaje, first aid!

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