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Robinson Islands Cayos Cochinos

Snorkeling and boating out on Caribbean Robinson Keys, a must see in Honduras!

Robinson Islands Cayos Cochinos (full day)

Postcard islands, snorkeling, and boating out on Caribbean Robinson Keys!

The Cayos Cochinos (Hog Islands) are just what you imagine as a Robinson Crusoe experience! Well equipped with purified water and snorkeling gear we start for our Caribbean adventure. The boat ride over open seas takes about 1h. If lucky some dolphins accompany us for a while. Reaching the first island of Los Cayos we look for the endemic pink Boa, with some luck we'll even find it!

From here on we boat through turquoise waters, the reef is always close. We look for the best snorkeling spots, this is one of the best in the whole Caribbean. At noon we'll visit the very picturesque Garifuna fishing village Chachahuate. Our lunch will be a freshly caught fish, prepared originally by a Garifuna mama.

We have to leave the keys a while after lunch to avoid getting into too big waves on our way back.

These keys are a must-see in Honduras!

At a Glance


Robinson Islands Cayos Cochinos (full day) at a glance

Time: 7h

Price: $160 / Person (minimum 2 people)

Included: Lunch, 19% tax

Please bring: Shorts, T-shirt, sandals, sunscreen, sun hat, insect repellent, water bottle.

Note: If you got your own snorkeling gear, bring it! When it is too rainy or windy, we can't operate this tour for everyone's safety

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